First-Time Visitors

Welcome to the Presbyterian Church of Lake Travis!

We are glad you found us.

If you have just discovered our website, you will find plenty of information about who we are and how we live out our calling. You can learn about our formation and our past, our current mission and ministry, our partnerships, and our Vision. You can get a glimpse of our life together as we worship and serve and build community.

If you are planning to pay us a visit on a Sunday morning for worship, you will discover we are an intimate and welcoming group of people. Our worship style is reverent and relaxed. Our music is exceptional for a small congregation. Our building is modern and accessible. We welcome children to remain in worship with their family. Everyone, regardless of ability, sexual orientation, gender expression, ethnicity, and race are welcome. We affirm that all of God’s Beloved Children find a place in our life together.

We invite you to come find out more about us and see if this is the kind of community you might feel called to share your passions and talents with as you follow your spiritual journey and respond to God’s call and claim on your life.