Christian Education

Our Commitment to Christian Education

Christian Education is a vital ministry within the faith community of the Presbyterian Church of Lake Travis. As followers of Jesus Christ, we foster and nourish spiritual development through the study of scripture drawing upon Christian scholarship and leading prayerful dialogue that informs, deepens and sustains our Christian beliefs and behaviors.

We seek to provide opportunities for education and spiritual growth through:

  • Sunday School
  • Women’s Bible Study


Each of these venues is a place to commune, learn and praise God. They not only reflect our commitment to Christian Education, but also through them we have the opportunity to express our love and commitment to each other, show our warmth and gentle sense of humor and enjoy the leadership gifts of many who contribute to them.

Blessed with God’s presence, we seek to expand and deepen Christian Education at PCLT. To do so, we ask that you consider bringing your time and talents to our Christian Education Ministry.