Feb 7, 2024

Friends,In our liturgical (Church) calendar, this Sunday, February 11, is designated as Transfiguration Sunday. It is the day on which we hear the story of Jesus transfigured by glory on the mountaintop, with Peter and James and John at his side. We will reflect again on what it means to be in the presence of such glory and how our lives are changed by what we have seen and heard.In our secular (American) calendar, this Sunday, February 11, is designated as Super Bowl Sunday. It is the day when two football teams will compete for the title of “Champion.” It is the day when 60-second long Billion Dollar Ads will make their debut on our televisions, and music legends will perform for tens of millions of fans during the Super Bowl Half-time show. For those who consider Football a religion (especially in Texas!), this Sunday is the Highest of High Holy Days.This Sunday another event will bring together the dedication to Football in America and faithful discipleship to the One who has been revealed in glory. The Souper Bowl of Caring is a nation-wide effort to encourage church members to bring cans of soup (hence the name ‘Soup-er Bowl’) or beans or peanut butter or whatever other shelf-stable food you choose to support food pantries in their own communities. While this is something we do each and every week, I encourage you to make a special effort this coming Sunday to bring a food item to contribute to the Souper Bowl of Caring efforts nationwide.Oh, and in case you’re wondering if I even know who is playing in the Super Bowl, I’ll be rooting for Taylor Swift’s boyfriend’s team!Peace,Pastor Jack