Jan 3, 2024

I have never been a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. That always seemed like I was simply setting myself up for failure early and often. No matter how good my resolutions were – to exercise more, to eat healthier, to go to bed earlier, to read more books, to be more open to creativity and spontaneity – I could never seem to keep those commitments going for more than a few months at best.

This year I have seen people posting about their ‘New Year’s Intentions’ – something they intend to do differently or new in the coming year. That seems a bit more attainable – I can commit to an intention more readily than a specific measurable outcome. I can intend to be more creative and spontaneous; I can intend to eat healthier. The intention is there, and if I follow through with action, that’s counted as a win! But if the action falls short, well the intention still continues…

I find the tradition of Star Words an even more helpful practice for the New Year. Each year about this time, we can receive a ‘star word’ during our Epiphany worship service at PCLT. This word, randomly chosen by us, or chosen by the Holy Spirit for us, is a word that can guide our approach to the year – perhaps the word is Creativity or Spontaneity or Curiosity or Resilience or Serenity. Whatever word I receive, I put it on the wall next to the coffee maker, where I can see it each day and be reminded to be guided by that word on my journey through the year. 

Star Words will be available this Sunday, January 7th. Come get yours!

Oh, and Happy New Year.

Pastor Jack