Dec 27, 2023


As of this writing, COVID infections have affected 17 people related to our congregation. Not all were in worship on Christmas Eve, but many were. 

This is a reminder to all of us that COVID is still part of our lives and can break out in spite of our best efforts to get vaccinated, boosted, and contain the spread of the virus. News outlets have been telling us for the past couple of weeks that a new variant is spreading and that cases of COVID infection are on the rise. The COVID Test spot at the HEB pharmacy was empty! Apparently, we are not the only ones being affected.

Our worship on Christmas Eve still happened. Many of you watched live on Facebook; I think JR counted 12 names watching! The five of us who needed to be present in worship were joined by 11 visitors, including a family from Westlake Hills and another family visiting from Mexico. That worship service is now available again on our website also. We will still have in-person worship this coming Sunday, December 31. If you feel well, you are welcome to mask up and join us; otherwise, please plan to join us via Facebook or Vimeo later in the week. 

Out of an abundance of caution, JR and I have cancelled our Holiday Open House scheduled for December 31st – it seems unwise to ask everyone to gather indoors, for food and drink and conversation, at this moment. We will reschedule for a time when the weather can be sure to give us opportunities to be outdoors, and when COVID cases seem to have diminished again.

 I urge you to make wise decisions for yourself and those you love as you choose when and where and with whom to gather the remainder of this Holiday Season. If you are well, check on friends and neighbors; offer to drop off some soup or salad or cookies. Be gentle with yourselves and with each other.

Peace, and be well!
Pastor Jack