Dec 20, 2023

We heard a wonderful and inspiring cantata this past Sunday, sung by our choir and guest vocalists. It was wonderful and inspiring not only because of the beautiful music itself, but also because of the message – every journey leads us to God, if it is God we are following.
As we journey toward Bethlehem, as we count down the days until Christmas, as we look for the coming of the Christ child into our world again, there are so many twists and turns along the road to distract us – war, gun violence, a rise in antisemitism in our nation and around the world, constant legal efforts to erode our civil rights and our human rights, inflation and worries of economic recession, a rise in COVID illness and deaths, our own lingering ailments and sorrows of what and who we have lost. There are so many reasons to turn aside from the journey, to stop where we are, to throw up our hands and say ‘No more journeying, no more following, no more unknown future; we are tired and the road is hard and the journey is long. Just no more.’
Mary and Joseph could have said the same thing. They were tired and the road was hard and the journey was long and there were threats of war and violence swirling around them. And still they journeyed along that road to Bethlehem. They knew that the road they travelled would lead them to God, because it was God they were following!
May your journey be blessed this Christmas. May the road you are traveling lead you closer and closer to the God who became incarnate among us in the Christ Child. And may this Christmas shine on you with the wonder of a brilliant star!
Pastor Jack