Nov 15, 2023


Two national observances this week – Election Day and Veterans’ Day – are shaping my reflections today. Both observances encourage us to reflect on the ways in which we participate in the life of our nation, in service and in action.

On Election Day, we have the opportunity to shape the laws of our nation, choose our leaders, amend our constitutions, and provide for the common resources of our life together.

On Veterans’ Day, we remember and celebrate and give thanks for those who have served in the military over the years. Veterans chose to serve this nation in a particular way, often with great sacrifice from themselves and their families. Veterans served their nation when called upon to do so, and I am thankful that they did so! Their service has not gone unnoticed.

I guess there is a third observance this week shaping my reflections also – the Lord’s Day. As Christians, we are called to serve a God who calls us to participate in the life of the ‘polis,’ a God who values the world and all who live in it, a God who strengthens us for service in many ways – service to the church, service to the nation, service to those whose voices have been silenced.

Thank you for your service.


Pastor Jack