Oct 24, 2023


During its meeting in September, the Session approved a revised Vision Statement and a revised Mission Statement. The full Vision and Mission Statement can be found on our website here. This is the first part of that revised statement:

Our Vision

The Presbyterian Church of Lake Travis (PCLT) is called to be a Christian voice for justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in the Lake Travis community.

God’s voice calls us to lift up our voices, both as individual witnesses and as a congregation, to share what God is doing in our world and through us. God calls us to engage our community in ways that specifically share our Christian commitments and values of inclusion, hospitality, welcome, and compassion for the most vulnerable and those whose voices have been long silenced.

As Christians, we are called to stand up for justice and righteousness. We call on all who call themselves Christian to stand with us to support the needs of marginalized communities, to speak out against persons who oppress, endanger, and silence others, to seek to dismantle structures that hurt those vulnerable communities we serve, and to advocate for all those who need our support.


For the next several weeks, we will speak these words together in worship as our Affirmation of Faith. I invite you to read them and reflect on what these words mean for you as part of this congregation.


Pastor Jack