Oct 13, 2023


Another part of our world is embroiled in war. Our inhumanity toward one another has once again taken hold and caused destruction and death in places so many consider sacred and holy.

It is hard to know whose side is just or righteous. But we can pray – pray for an end to the violence; pray for peace; pray for neighbors to once again embrace one another in spite of cultural, ethnic, and religious differences.

The Acting Stated Clerk and the Executive Director of our denomination released this statement on Monday, October 9:

“Bloodshed has come once again in the latest clash between Israelis and Palestinians with declarations of war and revenge coming from Israeli leaders. As hundreds lay dead and thousands injured, we grieve. We stand in shock that this long, battle-scarred conflict has taken yet another deadly turn.

We pray for those that have died, are dying, and wounded on both sides. We ask the Holy Spirit to intervene to bring calm and reason when vengeance and hatred now appear to have taken control.

We pray for our mission co-worker who must navigate this ever-changing landscape and for our partners who have placed their own safety on the line, not only seeking solutions to the ongoing crisis in the region, but also those in Gaza, at the hospitals that are overwhelmed with the dead and injured. We pray that leaders on both sides can step back and consider a peaceful and just solution that benefits all.

While these events continue to unfold, we come to you, O Lord, for your calm voice and guiding hand. Even in the midst of fire, destruction, and the cries of pain from both sides of this horrific scene, we know you are in the midst. May your Spirit dwell among them and guide them to a peaceful outcome for all.”


Pastor Jack