Sep 13, 2023


As I return from vacation, I have been met with boy joy and sadness.

There is joy in seeing our building full of life, transformed into a place of exploration and learning. Acton Academy is filling every corner of our campus with life and energy in a way that we have not ever experienced before. They have made some spaces their own and we will tread lightly and look with interest on what is happening in those spaces. And they have left the spaces we need for Sunday morning worship and study and fellowship ready for our use each week. I know there will be bumps and stumbles as we inhabit this shared space with Acton Academy, and with the West Austin Tamil Academy (which meets on Saturday afternoons). But for me, the excitement and the energy of using our campus for so much good for so many people will outweigh whatever inconveniences we encounter.

There is sadness, too, as I return to the global news cycle. I am overwhelmed by so much suffering and tragedy in Morocco and Libya, on top of the lingering sadness for the residents of Hawaii. I am doubling down on my prayers for these communities and those who are helping in rescue and recovery efforts.

It seems that sadness and joy are constant companions in our world. The Psalmist wrote, “Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes in the morning”(Psalm 30:5). Sometimes weeping lasts for longer than a night, and joy is delayed for many mornings. Still, there is truth in the psalmist’s words – grief and joy are part of the cycle of our lives.

I pray that we all may find joy to accompany us in times of grief and sorrow.


Pastor Jack