Jun 14, 2023


Our mission partnership with our neighbors in Hudson Bend continues to meet needs and share God’s love through building caring relationships. Although we stopped taking the Lunch truck out to the Hudson Bend neighborhoods, we are still in touch with many families we have assisted over the years. We also have a resident in the New World RV Park who regularly contacts us when there are particular needs we can respond to quickly. This is how we found out fans were needed. Veronica contacted us to let us know there were several new residents in the park, and with summer heating up, many were in need of fans to help circulate air in their homes. She quickly went to work getting residents signed up, and we quickly went to work asking you to ‘join our fan club by donating a fan.’

Thanks to our PCLT Fan Club, we were able to deliver 20 box fans to the residents of New World Park in Hudson Bend on Monday and Tuesday afternoons, just ahead of the arrival of triple-digit temperatures! We have enough donations to purchase 6 more fans if needed. If those additional fans are not needed, that money will be used to assist with other needs for the residents of New World Park.

We are also trying to help the New World Park residents get registered for back-to-school supplies through LTLov.org. Many residents missed the sign-up last year, so we want to get the word out now.

The caring relationship between PCLT and the Hudson Bend RV communities did not just happen; it was developed and nurtured over many years by many people who devoted hours and hours to this partnership. We continue to be blessed by their efforts as the families in Hudson Bend grow and thrive and count us as familia – la querida familia de Dios!


Pastor Jack