Mar 2, 2023


It’s allergy season in Central Texas! For many of us that means dealing with headaches, sniffles, sore throats, and feeling lethargic almost all of the time. It’s a strange predicament to be in, because all of those beautiful blossoming trees that indicate the onset of Spring, all of the growing things that inspire hope in us just because they are growing, are the same things that make us miserable. I know one way to minimize the symptoms of allergies is to stay indoors and keep all my windows closed. But all I want to do is open all the windows, let in the breeze, go outside and enjoy the sunshine and the not-yet-suffocatingly-hot temperatures. So I have to make a decision – do I let allergy symptoms rule my life, or do I live my life, enjoy the beautiful Central Texas Spring, and deal with the consequences? Both choices can be right for different reasons.

In matters of faith and discipleship there are often two (or more) right choices. We can choose to value all life and we can choose to value every person’s right to care for their own bodies and health. We can choose to honor all those who serve in the military, offering protection and security to our nation, and we can advocate for peace and seek an end to military conflicts. We can choose to embrace diversity and offer radical hospitality to everyone and we can choose to state clearly what our values are and on what values we will not compromise.

Maybe I can choose to mitigate allergy symptoms with medications and limited exposure to allergens and I can still enjoy some of the beauty that is right outside my windows and doors, and I can celebrate God’s Good Creation. I’ll let you know how that works out for me!


Pastor Jack