Jan 28, 2023

In 1985, well-known preacher Robert Schuller published a book titled, “The Be Happy Attitudes: Eight Positive Attitudes that can Transform Your Life.” On Amazon, this description is offered: “In a society of quick fixes and instant gratification, it seems as though true happiness is always just around the next bend. But the “happiness” of the world will never offer the wholeness that makes one content and satisfied. Dr. Robert Schuller believes the answer to this cycle of disappointment, frustration, and regret can be found in one of the most famous passages in scripture – Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.”

We will explore this ‘famous passage’ during our Feasting on the Word discussion tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m. Then, during worship, we will reflect again on this passage in the sermon, titled “Kingdom Practices.” I look forward to learning and reflecting and worshiping with you, online or in person!

Pastor Jack