Jan 11, 2023

It’s time to talk about COVID and worship again!

As much as I loathe typing that sentence, it has to be done. Here in Travis County, the ‘risk level’ for COVID has risen from low to medium. According to the risk-based guidelines posted by Travis County, their recommendation is that people who are ‘at risk’ should be masked ‘when social distancing is not possible.’ The guidelines also say that those who are ‘up to date’ on their vaccines may remain unmasked.

COVID is on the rise across the country. New variants are spreading rapidly. And those of us who made it for two years or more without being infected, we have almost all fallen ill in recent months. It seems the question about the COVID virus is not if it will find us, but when and how sick will it make us.

We each have our own level of risk tolerance, and each of you are encouraged to act based on your own comfort level. We have masks available in the foyer of the church, so please pick one up if you wish to be masked during worship and did not bring your own. We have plenty of chairs in the sanctuary, so please feel free to practice social distancing when you select a seat. We will continue to ‘pass the peace’ and receive the Communion elements as we have been doing, using appropriate distancing and health safety precautions.

The Session and I will continue to monitor the on-going threat of COVID and other community-spread illnesses. If the risk-level changes, we will take appropriate action. Until then, stay safe and healthy, friends.

Pastor Jack