Dec 20, 2022


We each approach Christmas with a range of memories and emotions. For some, this time of year is nostalgic, bringing back fond memories of childhood celebrations with extended family. For others, this is a time of painful memories, celebrations missed and families estranged. For some, it is a time of deep religious commitment, a deepening of spiritual life through special ritual and prayer and song. And for some, it is a time of sadness as they miss loved ones who are no longer with them to celebrate.

However you approach Christmas this year, know that it is okay. God still longs to dwell with you in the fullness of grace. And the Good News of Emmanuel is still for you as much as it is for anyone. Find a worship service that will meet you where you are this Christmas – we will have several of all different kinds and intentions. Please plan to join me for one or more of our worship services over these 8 days of Christmastide.


Pastor Jack