Nov 10, 2022



Our nation is still settling from national, state, and local elections earlier this week. Some people are pleased with the outcome; some are not pleased at all. Some results haven’t even been determined yet. It can feel like everything is up in the air all over again, that the future is uncertain at best and hopeless at worst. As Americans, we hope that our leadership will be wise and just and good. As Christians, we know that God is ultimately the One who is always wise and just and good.


As we recover from Election Day, we turn toward Veterans’ Day. And we recall all the Veterans who served this country with faithfulness and courage and deep commitment. Whatever the election results, our country is still strong, because it is full of strong people who stand up for what is right and just and good, time and time again. To all the Veterans in our lives: Thank you for your service. May God grant you peace and joy, this day and every day.



Pastor Jack