Sep 15, 2022

 What does it mean that we are Presbyterian? It means we govern our life together by electing members of our congregation to serve on our governing board. Session members are called Ruling Elders, because their primary task is to govern. Session members should be individuals who are active in the life of our church and who have the gifts of discernment and wisdom. They are tasked with setting the budget, ordering worship, planning educational opportunities, managing our campus and building, guiding our mission and outreach priorities, and maintaining information regarding membership.


PCLT has 6 Session members, with three classes of 2 elders, each serving for a term of three years. This means that, each year, two of the 6 elders complete their term of service. Session members may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms for a maximum of six years; after that, they must rotate off of Session for at least a year.


The Elder Nominating Committee is now set to begin the task of selecting two people to nominate for service on the Session for a three-year term beginning in January, 2023. If you are interested in serving, or if you would like to suggest someone to the Nominating Committee for consideration, please contact Nancy Woodworth, Janet Cavalucci, or Donna Beeman. Once they have a slate of candidates, the Nominating Committee will present them to the congregation for a vote.


Please pray for the work of the Session and the Elder Nominating Committee as they lead us and guide us into the year ahead.


Pastor Jack