Sep 13, 2022



It was good to be together in worship this past Sunday and reflect on ways in which we can change how we experience the world – from a narrative of loss to a narrative of celebration. I keep hearing those words from Jesus’ parables, “Come, Celebrate with me,” and the opportunity that calls us to seize. Who do you know that needs an invitation to celebrate life? Who can you invite to come with you to PCLT on Sunday morning? Who needs joy in their life right now to counter the narrative of negativity and loss? Who needs to hear from you, “Come celebrate and rejoice with me?” An invitation from you might be exactly what someone is waiting for. An invitation to come and be a part of our church family might make the difference between a week of hope and a week of sadness for someone mourning loss and longing for joy. Who will you invite this week to “Come and celebrate?”


I’ll see you on Sunday!



Pastor Jack