Aug 4, 2022



It’s August, which means it is “Back to School” time across the Lake Travis communities. For teachers and administrators, it means another school year managing the stress and complications of COVID absences. For students, it means another year of navigating this new educational landscape that still isn’t settled. And for parents, it means shopping for school supplies.


Last week, several families from our partner communities in Hudson Bend reached out to us to ask for assistance with school supplies. Members of our Mission Team are responding, with backpacks and school supplies gift cards for more than 40 school-age children. These will be delivered prior to the first day of school on August 16.


Our Hospitality Team and the Women’s Bible Study group are making plans for a ‘Welcome Back to School’ luncheon for the teachers and staff at Bee Cave Elementary School. Pre-COVID, we hosted annual end-of-year thank you luncheons, but we have not been able to do that since 2019. This welcome-back luncheon will pick up where we left off. This is a way to express our appreciation for all the ways in which teachers and staff at our neighborhood school nurture and care for the children around us. Especially in this moment, when emotions are heightened and safety is forefront in everyone’s mind, an appreciation luncheon is but one expression of support and encouragement.


Please pray for teachers, staff, administrators, students, and parents. Pray that they will have a safe, productive, healthy, fun, enriching school year!




Pastor Jack