Aug 3, 2022



Many of you have seen the reports of drastic flooding in Eastern Kentucky, and have heard of the destruction of property and loss of lives. Last week’s floods hit hard in Hazard, a town in which I lived and served as a pastor from November 1996 until January 2001. I earned my Doctor of Ministry while serving that church, and I wrote my ‘Postle Jack Tales with and for that congregation.


First Presbyterian Church in Hazard is now serving as an emergency shelter – it is on a hill in the middle of town so it avoided the floods, and now that congregation has opened its doors to be a shelter from the storm.


Please pray for those who have lost loved ones and homes, and for the rescue workers and long-term relief workers. Also pray for the congregation of First Presbyterian Church, Hazard, and others affected by the floods.


If you would like to donate to the flood relief efforts in Kentucky and Missouri, the link to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (July Floods) is below:





Pastor Jack