Jul 28, 2022



This Sunday, July 31, I will be in Houston, but not on vacation! I will be preaching at Northwoods Presbyterian Church, for their summer-long 50th anniversary celebration. I served as the Associate Pastor for Youth and Young Adults at Northwoods from 1990 until 1993. It was my second pastoral position after seminary. At that time, Northwoods was a church of almost 2,000 members, with more than 200 in their teens and 20’s. When I left Northwoods, I went to Eastern Kentucky to serve as a solo pastor. I’m pleased to have the chance to be part of their celebration of fifty years of mission and ministry in the piney woods of north central Houston.


Meanwhile, at PCLT, you will be in many good hands. Rabert Sheppard will be leading the first part of worship and preaching. The Rev. Dr. Jim Currie will be presiding at Communion and offering the Prayers of the People. Mary Margaret MacMillan will serve as liturgist. Jack Smith will be videographer, ensuring that our online worshippers are included (I’ll be one of those online viewers after the fact this week!). Austin Bradley and Priscilla Mojica-Rust will be leading and offering the music. Nancy Vanzandt will be greeting and welcoming all. And I’m sure Terry McKetta has something delicious planned for fellowship after worship.


I am thankful and grateful for all those who offer their time and talent and energy to create an inviting and welcoming experience of worship and fellowship for all of us. I’ll be back in the Lake Travis area by Sunday night and ‘on duty’ all next week.




Pastor Jack