Jul 19, 2022



This past Sunday afternoon, our church hosted Quintet 360, a new woodwind ensemble, for their first-ever concert. It was a beautiful afternoon full of beautiful music. We welcomed 40 people who have never been in our church before, and they got to experience the sacred ambiance and the wonderful acoustics. If you were not able to join us, I hope you will plan to attend next time we have the chance to offer such an experience.


Of course, this event could not have happened without the dedication and energy of so many. I want to thank the Hospitality team for cool refreshments and a welcoming reception during intermission and after the concert: Grace Bradshaw and Jo Ann Schutte, Carolyn Gottlieb, Nancy Vanzandt, Janet Cavalucci, Claire Buenz, Priscilla Mojica-Rust, and of course, Terry McKetta. Others prepared the sanctuary, rearranging furniture and recording the concert: Rabert Sheppard and Jack Barden. Still others worked behind the scenes to coordinate and plan and promote the event – Lynn Fisher and Larry Neumann. A special thanks to Priscilla Mojica-Rust for greeting our guests and ushering them in to the concert, and to Rabert for stepping in at the last minute to assist her.


Our Strategic Plan calls for us to find ways to use our facilities for events such as this concert, and to welcome guests so that they are introduced to who we are and what we value. We are so fortunate to have had this opportunity, and we look forward to future events.




Pastor Jack