Apr 26, 2022



I am back from Washington state. JR and I had a wonderful week away. We spent four days with my preacher cohort colleagues, catching up after two years of not being able to meet in person. JR and I were the chefs for the group, and it was life-giving for us to offer that hospitality (more about that in this week’s upcoming sermon). We were able to drive a bit into Mt. Rainier National Park and walk a trail. Then we spent a day over at Mt. Olympia National Forest and hiked through the rainforest. We finished our time away with a 24 hour stay in Seattle and a walk through Pike Place Market. I’m so appreciative of the time away to rest and restore.


Thank you to the Rev. Dr. Krystal Leedy for leading worship this past Sunday. I have known Krystal for more than ten years, and I know you all were enriched by her preaching and her worship leadership.


I’ll see you all in worship next Sunday!


Pastor Jack