Mar 10, 2022



It is almost two years to the day that the World Health Organization declared COVID 19 a global pandemic (Friday is the actual anniversary). Our world has been through so much in these two years, as has our congregation. Much has been lost, and we are still grieving those losses. But as we emerge, there seems to be a new enthusiasm, a new hope, new energy for gathering together and working toward a vision for God’s Beloved Community – both in our world and in our congregation.


In our world, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has united Western and European nations to condemn authoritarian leaders and the ways they use violence to intimidate and destroy. The citizens of the world stand with the people of the Ukraine – ready to help, ready to house, ready to feed, ready to receive them with welcome. Perhaps a new era of cooperation and compassion is springing up out of the rubble of war.


In our congregation, our forced sequestration over the last two years has reminded us how dear each face of our friends and neighbors are to us. We have longed to gather together, to sing together, to sit together, to share a meal and conversation, to break bread with each other, to laugh and cry with each other, and to hug each other. We have hope that the day is coming when we can do all of these things without fear of falling deathly ill. Already the day is dawning.


I am looking toward the light of this new day!




Pastor Jack