Feb 23, 2022



As a cold front blankets our community with freezing temperatures today, I can’t help but think about last year’s Winter Storm and the way it threatened so many people. In our household we have bottled water and candles and non-perishable food and flashlights all stored in one place; if and when we lose power or water this winter, we will be able to turn to our emergency supply for at least a few days. I encourage you to do the same.


But what is our emergency supply of hope and faith and encouragement that we can access when our spiritual well-being is threatened by the storms of life? How well-prepared are we to make it a few weeks without access to worship? Where will we turn if our regular sources of spiritual nourishment are cut off from us or vanish permanently? How will we lift our prayers to God when we can no longer form words or thoughts or when we have no breath to spare for prayer?


This is, in part, why we gather as a Community of Faith – so that we have access to resources to strengthen us and nourish us, resources beyond ourselves and in addition to what each of us can gather and keep on our own. We need each other if we want to thrive – both physically and emotionally, spiritually and relationally.


Let’s be gentle with one another as we stay connected. Let’s hold each other close in prayer until we can hold each other close in a Sunday morning embrace.




Pastor Jack