Feb 23, 2022


It was a delight having Dr. Hilary Janysek with us this past Sunday morning, playing some amazing Christmas music on her flute, with Austin Bradley accompanying on the piano.Tonight, December 9, at 6:00 p.m., PCLT will host a recital for Dr. Janysek’s students. If you are a flute enthusiast, you are welcome to attend the recital along with parents and friends of the students.

On Saturday, December 18, we will host another music recital for Austin Bradley’s students. We look forward to welcoming his students and their families and friends as well.

Hosting these recitals is part of our newly-developed Strategic Plan for Growth. We will be looking for ways to share our building and our campus with groups in our community that align with our values and mission. Hosting recitals for students and their families is one way we can welcome into our church life many new neighbors who may not be familiar with PCLT and our facilities.

Another part of our Strategic Plan for Growth is an expanded presence on social media. If you use Facebook, be sure to follow the Presbyterian Church of Lake Travis Facebook page. Like and share the posts, and comment on the posts when you can. The more we share and comment on the posts on the church’s Facebook page, the more others will see them and learn about our congregation and the wonderful community we have here.


Pastor Jack