Feb 23, 2022



My heart was so full of joy to end the year with two deeply moving worship services – one on Christmas Eve, filled with music and scripture and candles and people, and one on the Sunday after Christmas (Dec 26) which was so intimate and rang with the voices of children. Thanks to all who contributed to the joy of those worship services – the readers of scripture, the lighters of candles, the singers of songs, the players of instruments, the operators of cameras, the preparers of preparations, the bringers of relatives and friends.


This past year has taught us to appreciate the blessing of worshipping together in person with friends and family and neighbors every chance we get! It has also taught us that God’s people can gather in meaningful and spiritual ways online as well – to pray and to study and to worship.


As we approach this year’s end and the next year’s beginning, I am thankful for the gift of this congregation! That is why I give of my financial resources to support this congregation – so we can continue to meet online and in person, worshipping and praying and studying and serving, and so we can continue to be a progressive voice for Christian engagement in the Lake Travis community.




Pastor Jack