Dec 2, 2021



As I have mentioned in other newsletter articles, we are learning to practice hope in our weekly Sunday School class during Advent. Our assignment for this week was to notice when we hear or see hope in our daily lives. As I listened for hope this week, all I seemed to hear were news stories about another school shooting, this time in Oxford, Michigan, in which four teenagers were randomly gunned down and killed in the hallway of their school. Those stories were followed by news that the United States Supreme Court seems poised to uphold Mississippi’s strict abortion law and they also seem ready to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision which gave women access to life-saving reproductive healthcare for the past 50 years. This week it seemed especially difficult to hear or see hope around me.


So when the Rev. Dr. Jim Currie sent me his latest column for the Presbyterian Historical Society of the Southwest, I was ecstatic to hear hope all through his story of Kevin and First Presbyterian Church of Pasadena, Texas. In that column, Jim writes: “Over the years Kevin had lots of families, most of which made a positive contribution to his life. The church was one of those. He loved the church and was an important part of the life of that congregation.” I won’t spoil your experience by telling you any more about Kevin and the congregation in Pasadena, but I encourage you to read Jim’s column at the link below. As you read, listen for hope. Listen for the voice of one crying in the wilderness, “Prepare the Way of the Lord.” And rejoice!




Pastor Jack