Nov 18, 2021



I had an unusual Thursday today. For the first time in more than 18 months, I had three committee meetings with people face-to-face at the church! It felt so unusual that I even wore slacks instead of jeans, and dress shoes instead of sneakers! Each meeting was productive and full of energy and good ideas. But what was even more energizing than the work was the reality of gathering with a group of people I consider to be colleagues in ministry and dear friends.


This past Sunday in the sermon I talked about the importance of meeting together as a congregation for mutual encouragement in our life in faith. While I know we can’t all meet face-to-face as one large congregation very often, but there are many ways we can encourage one another – through cards, phone calls, emails, text messages, Zoom meetings, and in-person. As the author to the letter to the Hebrews reminded us on Sunday, “Don’t neglect to meet together, and encourage one another.”


I look forward to “meeting” with each of you – one way or another!




Pastor Jack