Sep 2, 2021



We have a very special worship experience planned for this coming Sunday, September 5th – a Labor Day worship service titled “A Year of Music and Worship.” Austin Bradley has selected 14 musical pieces from the last 18 months of our online worship services. These selections include the guest vocal soloists and instrumentalists who have shared their gifts in worship during these months. The selections also feature our own talented musicians, vocalists and instrumentalists, who regularly offer their gifts to enrich our worship. These songs and instrumental pieces are interspersed with prayers and readings selected from scripture for this occasion to create a new and meaningful worship service.


As you view our Labor Day Concert and Worship, I hope that you are moved again by the beautiful music and the powerful words of scripture. I also hope that you celebrate the gift of worship and music we have been able to experience online even in the midst of a global pandemic, sequestration, and the shuttering of the sanctuary doors for most of the past 18 months. Even now, God is still good. Even online, we can still gather for worship. Even separated by distance, in our households, we still experience the joy of amazing music that lifts us into the presence of God, and we still hear the ancient words of scripture that become new again and guide us in our life together and on our individual journeys.


This special Labor Day Concert and worship service will be available online on Sunday morning by 11:00 a.m., in the usual ways – on our website ( , and on our Facebook page. I encourage you to send a link to your family, your neighbors, your friends. Invite them to experience more than a year’s worth of amazing and inspiring music. Invite them to glimpse one of the unique ministries our congregation offers. Invite them to be filled with joy – if only for an hour, if only online.




Pastor Jack