Aug 5, 2021



As many of you already know, Debi Bankhead, our beloved Church Office Administrator, is moving to Denison, Texas. She will be closer to her aging mother and other members of her family. Her last day in the PCLT office will be Thursday, August 12.


Over the past 15 months, Debi has learned (like the rest of us) that much of her job as church administrator can be performed remotely! So, while she is relocating to North Texas, she will continue to serve as our church administrator. She will be on vacation the week of August 16-20 to complete her physical relocation, but she will be back on the job on August 23. Some of her tasks cannot be performed remotely, and we will be asking for volunteers to help with those on a regular basis, once this latest round of COVID restrictions allows us to be present again in the church building.


You will still be able to reach Debi by email ( She will continue to be responsible for the newsletter, directory, bulletin composition, database updates, website updates, ordering curriculum and supplies, and other things for which we all have come to rely on her to manage so efficiently. And, since she has children and grandchildren in Central Texas, I am sure she will make an appearance in our neighborhood from time to time!


Debi, we are happy you can remain connected to us through the miracle of remote working technology. May you go to your new home with God’s blessings along your way.



Pastor Jack