Jul 15, 2021

PCLT Family and Friends,


Last week I shared with you the process that led the Session to craft a new Vision Statement for PCLT:


PCLT is called to be a progressive voice for Christian engagement in the Lake Travis community.


This week I want to share with you the unique attributes the Session named to support this vision:


Presbyterian in character, Reformed in thought;
Reverent in worship, Progressive in action;
Inclusive in community, Compassionate in service.


What do these attributes say about us as a congregation?


The first two indicate that we align ourselves with a Christian tradition that dates back to the 16th century Protestant Reformation in Europe. We govern our life together as Presbyterians, with elders and a Session, and we lift up hallmarks of Reformed theology – God’s grace poured out on us, freely given, calling us into covenant to be the People of God.


The next two indicate how we engage each other and the world around us. Our worship is reverent, honoring the presence of the Holy as we gather to sing and pray and read scripture and share Communion. Our worship leads us to act for justice and peace, seeking to make our common life more like what God envisions for all of God’s People.


The last two indicate what kind of community we are called to be. We embrace all people, regardless of skin color or national origin or gender or sexual orientation. Inclusiveness is an explicit and stated value. And we serve our neighbors with compassion, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the sick, welcoming the stranger and the immigrant, caring for those who are alone or vulnerable.


These six attributes guide our life together and draw us toward the vision of who we are called to become and who we hope to be at our most faithful.




Pastor Jack