Jun 17, 2021



It feels like we are already falling back into a somewhat familiar routine, worshipping together on Sunday morning. It has only been a few weeks, but already I’m trying to remember how we made it 15 months without being able to gather and sing and pray and greet one another and offer thanksgiving to the God who calls us together. If you have not been able to join us in person on Sunday morning yet, I hope you will be able to do so very soon!


So many things have changed over these past 15 months and some of those changes will become permanent. One thing that hasn’t changed is how important it is for us to express our love for God as we worship together, and to express our love for neighbors as we go about our lives. There are people all around us who long for the sense of family we know here, the sense of being loved by a loving God we know here, the sense of being welcomed and included as they are, without condition and without question. That’s why God has placed this Community of Faith here – to invite and include those who have been neglected and excluded. How are you pursuing this in your life? Now that we are worshipping in the sanctuary, reach out to someone and invite them to come to church with you.


I look forward to seeing all of you and your invited guests on Sunday morning!




Pastor Jack