Apr 29, 2021



We are finally ready to re-gather for worship in our sanctuary! For the next three Saturdays, you are invited to register to attend our worship service in person as we record for the Sunday broadcast (See information below). Look for more information about re-gathering for worship later in May!


Today I want to highlight all those who have kept us worshipping online during the pandemic.


Austin Bradley came on board as our Music Coordinator almost a year ago; his first Sunday with us was Mother’s Day, 2020. That was also our first Sunday to broadcast the worship service from the sanctuary again, after six weeks of broadcasting from my family room! Austin has enriched our worship with beautiful music. Austin has brought guest musicians to add to several special services, especially including Natalie Bradley on several occasions. He has also managed to keep the musicians in our congregation involved, offering their gifts and talents to the rest of us: Priscilla Mojica-Rust, Helen Currie Foster, Faye Smith, Barb Kelley, Lynn Fisher, Pam McGovney.


Of course, online worship would not happen without a production crew running the camera, sound, and software, and then editing and publishing the recordings. JR Barden and Jack Smith have spent countless hours behind the camera and on the computer to give us all a chance to worship online week after week. Leon Serrano joined the team in March as video editor, just in time for Holy Week and Easter.


Debi Bankhead has been a great administrative support for worship. She has adapted our bulletin and kept us all on track week after week.


Nancy Vanzandt has shown up every week to prepare elements for Communion, to make sure there is water in the pitcher, and to be a supportive presence to the rest of us.


Josie Whitley made sure the banners in the sanctuary got changed to fit the season, so our worship experience would be enriched by beautiful liturgical artwork.


Thanks to everyone who has helped us worship throughout this last year!




Pastor Jack