Apr 1, 2021



We find ourselves in the midst of another Holy Week clouded by the COVID pandemic. As we mark Maundy Thursday and remember Jesus’ last meal with his disciples and friends, we cannot gather in the sanctuary to wash feet and share Communion. As we mark Good Friday and remember Jesus’ words from the Cross, we cannot gather in the sanctuary to wait and watch and pray. We too suffer some of the same grief and loss and fear that the followers of Jesus must have felt when they saw him arrested and convicted and beaten and killed.


While we cannot gather in the sanctuary, we can still worship together. We can worship across the distances that separate us. We can worship with fellow Christians in New Jersey and Maryland and Ohio.


You will find the link to our Maundy Thursday/Good Friday service in this email below. Worship may also be accessed in the usual ways, through the church’s website and on the church’s Facebook page. The first part of the service is a celebration of Communion, focused on Maundy Thursday. The second part of the service is a reading of the Seven Last Words of Jesus from the Cross, focusing on Good Friday. You might want to watch the first part today, then pause and come back to it tomorrow. Or you can experience the entire service when it fits your devotional schedule.


Maundy Thursday/Good Friday Service


I look forward to celebrating in person on Easter morning, when we gather outside the sanctuary to Flower the Cross!




Pastor Jack