Mar 4, 2021



As we enter our thirteenth month of COVID restrictions, there is hope on the horizon. Vaccine distribution is ramping up and many of you have told me you have received one or both of your vaccinations. Here in Austin/Travis County the metrics have been going down, and just this week we have dropped back into Stage 3 restrictions. If the trend holds, we will be able to have some outdoor worship experiences this spring (Drive-by communion or perhaps a worship service on the Labyrinth). Our revised Plan for Re-gathering requires that Austin/Travis County be at Stage 2 or below (see that plan below).


I know we all miss being together. We miss seeing the smiling faces of our friends. We miss hugs and handshakes. We miss singing hymns together. We miss offering names for prayer and hearing each other’s voices murmuring prayers to God. This journey has been long and hard, just like the journey the Hebrew People endured as they wandered for forty years. We have a way still to journey before we reach Stage 2 again and are able to re-gather for worship, study, and fellowship. But things are moving in the right direction. Stay diligent and stay healthy!



Pastor Jack