Feb 18, 2021



Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the season of Lent in the church calendar. I know many have been without power or internet service, without heat or water, so experiencing the online worship service yesterday might have been a low priority. That is understandable. It is hard to think about sitting down and getting online to watch a worship service when you or someone you love is struggling to stay safe and warm. If you get a chance in the next few days, when temperatures rise and utilities come back, go to our website (pclt.faith) and watch the Ash Wednesday service. One good thing about online worship – it is always there waiting for you, when you can get there!


The Worship Committee planned to deliver and send out Lent bags to help us observe this holy season together. That plan was thwarted by the weather. Once we are able to do so safely, we will get those Lent bags out to everyone. Thanks for your patience.


Please pray for all of those in our community and across the country who have been affected by these winter storms. Pray for those without heat, without water, without power, without a roof over their head, without enough food, those who are alone, those who are lonely. Pray, and then ask, “What can we do to reorder our world, so that everyone has access to food, shelter, warmth, water, power, safety, and health? What structures need to change? What is our part in all of this?”


Perhaps this is part of our Lenten journey this year – to ask how we can be more faithful disciples, caring for our neighbors, calling for justice, seeking equity for all of God’s Beloved Children.




Pastor Jack