Feb 3, 2021



As a Matthew 25 congregation, one of the commitments we have made is to participate in dismantling structural racism. One of the ways we can do this is to educate ourselves and learn the stories of our own history that we may have never learned. February is Black History Month; it is an opportunity for us to focus on stories of history we were never taught.


At the start of this month, a friend of mine posted a curriculum on her Facebook page. She is using it with her children as they observe Black History month together as a family. For each of the 28 days of February, there is a page and a story of a Black history-maker or an event important in the history of our nation (and activities for school-age children). Some of the individuals or events in this resource will be familiar to you, and some will new. The curriculum is available on this website, and is titled “28 days of Black History”:




As part of our commitment to dismantling racism I encourage you to download this curriculum and read the story for each day. Then pray for all those mentioned in the article, pray for the ways in which structures and actions have hurt others, and pray for justice and peace to prevail in our nation.


Peace be with you,


Pastor Jack