Jan 14, 2021



During worship this Sunday, we will ordain and install two newly-elected Elders to serve on the Session – Lynn Fisher and Larry Foster. You elected these two individuals last September to help lead our congregation over the next three years. They have studied the constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and they are ready to step into this governance role.


Two other Session members have completed their term of service – Aida Faris and Steve Gottlieb. They have served faithfully over the last few years, seeking to discern God’s urgings for this congregation. Please join me in thanking them for their service.


Another Session member, Dave Rumgay, has stepped down from his role on the Session. I appreciate his contributions to the leadership team over the past years. Please join me in thanking him for his service.


As we have seen in recent days, governing is no simple task. Governing, whether as a member of Session for a local congregation, or as a member of the United States Congress, comes with challenges, stresses, and complications. Perhaps, as a member of Session, there are a couple of advantages. In our congregation, we all know each other relatively well, and leadership is based on relationships. Also, as a member of Session, individuals do not have constituents who they are primarily tasked to speak for, as US representatives do; Session members are tasked with discerning God’s will for the congregation as a whole.


As we install new members of the Session, please pray for them, and for the continuing Ruling Elders on Session – Nancy Vanzandt, Mary Margaret MacMillan, and Nancy Boenitz Woodworth. Pray for wisdom, discernment, faithfulness, strength, endurance, and patience, for all of them as they seek to serve you and serve God’s call to us.



Pastor Jack