Jan 6, 2021



Today is Epiphany, the 12th day of Christmas, the day on which the visit of the Magi to the manger is celebrated. It marks the closing day of the Christmas season, the days in which we focus on the light of the Christ child become incarnate in the darkness of our world. This past Sunday our worship focused on Star Words – words meant to guide us in the coming year as we focus on the ever-present reality of Christ alive in our world. The four pastors shared a total of nine words during our reflections. These words are: Imagine, Invite, Inspire, Incarnation, Endurance, Trust, Dwell, Creativity, and Be. Perhaps one of those words spoke to your soul and will be your guiding star this year. Or perhaps there is another word that keeps echoing in your heart today. Whatever word has claimed you, make that word your prayer today and in the days ahead. See where that word will lead you. Perhaps it will lead you into the very presence of the Christ child alive in our world!


I hope you enjoyed the combined worship services with the three other congregations over the past two weeks. Engaging in worship across geographic boundaries reminds us that we are not alone. We are not the only congregation longing to worship in person again. We are not the only ones trying to worship online! Be on the lookout for an opportunity in the coming months to join a Zoom conversation with members of those three other congregations, in which we will meet for virtual fellowship and mutual encouragement.


Next week, my Lectio Jubilate colleagues and I will gather online for our week of study and support. This group of pastors and church leaders has been meeting together since 2002 – this is our twentieth gathering! These colleagues have been a source of encouragement for me for the past 20 years, but especially in the past ten months! I am glad you got to ‘meet’ three of them.




Pastor Jack