Oct 14, 2020



I am feeling particularly thankful today – not only for the cooler weather but for this congregation and the ways in which you engage one another in worship and fellowship, in study and service to others.


Recent worship experiences
On Sunday, October 4, we celebrated World Communion Sunday. Many of you came together in the church parking lot for a Tailgate Communion! While you didn’t stay planted in your parking space, you were appropriated masked and distanced as you visited with church friends. Thank you for being mindful of best practices for the health and safety of all. And it was so good to connect with each other on the grounds of our church home on a beautiful Sunday morning. Look for plans for our gathering on Sunday, November 1st!


Sunday, October 11, our special service of readings, prayers, and music planned and led by Austin Bradley was beautiful and inspiring! How amazing to see the talent and dedication of those in our congregation and beyond! Thanks to Austin Bradley, our Music Coordinator, for putting the service together, and Kimbol Soques, our seminary intern, for being a steady presence for the spoken word. Thanks also to all of the musicians – Faye Smith, Barb Kelley, Pam McGovney, Priscilla Mojica-Rust, Helen Currie Foster, and our guest violinist. And a special thanks to our production team – Jack Smith and Josie Whitley – for the broadcast that made it possible for all of us to enjoy and participate.


Recent Conversations that Matter
I am also thankful for all those who have been participating in our monthly ‘Conversations that Matter’ series. This month Steve Gottlieb and Cecilia Olusola Tribble led us in a discussion about microaggressions. We were able to identify what microaggressions are, how they hurt others (in spite of our best intentions), and how we can work to avoid them.


Recent landscape/campus improvements
I am thankful for the projects that have been completed over the past months that beautify our church campus. We featured the rock wall along the portico in a previous newsletter, but other projects have been completed as well. The bells and cross in the Tower were painted so that they look fresh and more noticeable. Brush has been cleared from along the utility line in front of the property, so the building can be seen from Hamilton Pool Road. New mulch was placed around trees and bushes. And the wooden bridge along the path to the Labyrinth was repaired. Thanks especially to Art for all his hard work, keeping our campus looking nice.


Recent attitude of gratitude
It is so easy to fall into an attitude of sadness or despair during this time of on-going crisis and isolation and polarization of our society. But I am grateful for all of the ways in which I see God moving in our world, lifting us up, loving us, and caring for us. I want to encourage you to take a moment to be grateful, and (if you want) send me a note/email to let me know what you are grateful for this week.




Pastor Jack