Jul 29, 2020



Many of you have participated in “Town Hall” conversations over the past several weeks – either by Zoom or by telephone with a Session member. We are collecting that feedback, and I want to say Thank YOU to everyone who offered suggestions for ways to stay connected as we stay separated!


One of the things we heard over and over again is that you wish you could see each other in person even if we have to stay masked and at a distance. So let’s try something this Sunday, August 2nd!


Drive-thru Communion!
On Sunday morning, you are invited to drive to our church and receive Communion. Here’s how it will work:


From 10:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. on Sunday morning: Elders and I will be standing under the portico at the entrance to the church building. You may drive into the parking lot, circle up the hill and wait for an indication to pull forward into the circular drive.


First stop: Mask up, roll down your window, and visit with the Elders. They will pass Communion to you on a tray – the elders will be masked and gloved and the Communion will be in sealed individual containers (sealed from the manufacturer). Share some news or a prayer request or just enjoy saying hello!


Second stop: Pull forward just a bit, and stop again to visit with me. I long to see each and every one of you and greet you and offer a blessing, a benediction, or a prayer. I will also offer you hymnals to take home and have for our online worship services (these will be wiped with disinfectant cloth prior to distribution).


Third stop: Return home with your Communion elements, go online and watch the abbreviated recorded service – music, scripture reading, Communion liturgy. And when we get to the part about taking Communion, use the individual elements you picked up at church! Don’t worry about timing to get home – this service is recorded, so you will be able to see the entire worship service whenever you sit down to start! Come to the church at 10:30, then go home and watch the worship service, or come as late as 12:15, if that works better in your day!


I know this sounds strange, but I have talked with several other pastors who have done this same sort of Drive-thru Communion during the past several months, and they indicated that it was such a blessing to be able to connect with each other!


We won’t do this EVERY week. But we will do it this Sunday, August 2, and then again on Sunday, September 6 (Labor Day weekend). After that, the Worship Committee and Session will evaluate and see if we want to keep doing this from time to time.


If you are not able to get out in a vehicle and stop by on Sunday, please send a note to me at pastor@pclt.faith, or call the church office number (512-494-5950) and leave me a message. We will do our best to drop by your home and leave Communion elements with you (left at the door), so you can still participate with all of us.



Pastor Jack