May 20, 2020



Eastertide is drawing to a close, and we have spent the entire season apart from one another. When we entered the season of Lent back at the beginning of March, we didn’t anticipate that we would be closing the doors of the church building and finding ways to observe that season of penitence and reflection virtually. When we made the difficult but necessary decision to celebrate Holy Week and Easter with online virtual worship experiences, we hoped that by the end of Eastertide we might all be together again. Now, as Pentecost sneaks up on May 31, we realize that our worship together needs to be virtual and at a distance for a while longer. Although parts of our community activities are restarting, it is clear that the gatherings that pose the most risk of spreading the virus are those in which people gather intimately as we do in worship. So we are not yet ready to say the time is now for us to gather again in person.


Last week I encouraged you all to send me a photo of yourself or whoever you are with during this sequestration, however you look (no makeup or fancy clothes required). A few of you did that and I put them together into this video. As you watch it, pray for those whose faces you see. If you want your photo to be included in a video next week, grab your camera (or get someone with a camera to take your picture), and send the photo by email to me ([email protected]). If you don’t have a new photo, send me any one you have and want to share. I hope seeing the faces of your friends will bring you joy this week.


Stay safe. Stay home. Stay healthy.


Peace be with you all,


Pastor Jack