Mar 11, 2020



The spread of the novel coronavirus and an increase in infections in the United States continues to alarm and concern many of us. We cannot monitor or fully know where members of our community have travelled and with whom they have come into contact. You might know someone who knows someone who recently came into contact with someone else who has travelled to or through a high-risk location. That’s the way infections spread.


According to most reliable public health sources, the threat of contracting the coronavirus in Texas remains relatively low, even for those of us in vulnerable populations. As of today, Wednesday, March 11, there are 31 confirmed cases in the state of Texas, and many of those are individuals who are being quarantined at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, brought there from other places. Still, the spread of this virus is something to take seriously and consider carefully as we balance our desire to gather together for worship and fellowship with the desire to maintain our well-being and health.


Here at PCLT, we are taking the following steps:

  • Passing of the Peace during worship – You are encouraged to speak and gesture toward one another, without shaking hands or hugging; one suggested method will be modeled at the beginning of worship each week.
  • Communion – The bread is handled only by those who have washed hands with soap and water and have used alcohol-based hand sanitizer. We are now using individual cups of wine or juice, rather than dipping bread into a common cup.
  • Hand sanitizer is available in restrooms, in the sanctuary, and in a dispenser on the wall near the Fellowship Hall. Please use it liberally!
  • When you come to worship, there are plenty of seats in the sanctuary! Leave a bit of distance (a chair or two) between you and your neighbor. Nobody will think anyone is being unfriendly right now!
  • If you feel uncomfortable or simply prefer not to participate in a particular activity or offering, please refrain! There is no expectation that anyone will be forced to participate in something which makes them feel uncomfortable or which they feel puts their health at risk! This includes sharing in hospitality/food after church or during other gatherings together.
  • IF YOU FEEL SICK, STAY HOME and seek medical attention!
  • IF YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE attending worship on Sunday, PLEASE STAY HOME and care for yourself! You will be missed, but your well-being is more important than your presence.

Please pray for those around the globe who are suffering with this recent illness and with other more deadly and more prevalent illnesses that our news media have not publicized with such consistent alarm.




Pastor Jack