Jan 29, 2020



We had a wonderful celebration of the mission and ministry of our congregation this past Sunday! Thank you to everyone who attended, asked questions, offered praise, and worked at “being church together!” I know we have a bright future ahead of us in 2020, as we respond to the ways in which God is calling us to BE CHURCH in and for this greater Lake Travis community.


On Tuesday, a colleague of mine, a member of my lectionary study group, who works for the Presbyterian Foundation sent me a video he had run across from 2013. It features the Presbyterian Church of Lake Travis, the members, elders and pastors at the time, and the ways in which this congregation interacted with all six national agencies of the Presbyterian Church (USA). I had not seen this video previously, and it was really inspiring. It reminded me that God has been doing something remarkable here for a long time, and the people who are part of this congregation have been working hard for a long time to BE CHURCH in response to God’s call!


But there is more to do! God’s call to this congregation didn’t stop when the building got built. God’s call to this congregation didn’t stop when previous pastors retired or left or when previous elders or members moved away. God’s call to this congregation didn’t stop when you called me to be your pastor!


Let’s make this year, 2020, a year in which we recapture the momentum and vision that propelled this congregation into existence from a mere idea twenty years ago. I know with God’s help we can do it!



Pastor Jack