Jan 15, 2020

A Personal Word


JR and I want to thank everyone in the congregation for your ongoing support!  As most of you know by now, we finally moved into our home in Hudson Bend on December 23rd(because that seemed like a lazy time for a pastor’s family to move!). Your patience and encouragement as our home was prepared and ready has meant so much to us. At last, we now live in the Lake Travis community, just a few blocks from our mission partner communities, and we look forward to having our church family over for a housewarming party sometime in the late spring or early summer.


Your generosity at Christmas was overwhelming. The gift you all gave on Christmas Eve was so timely and gracious. It will certainly help us get some things that are needed to make our new house a home!


In the months and years ahead, I look forward to learning more about this community we all call home and the ways in which God is calling us to make it a gracious home for all who live here.



Pastor Jack