Apr 24, 2019

“Have you heard the news the women brought?
The tomb is empty. Christ is risen!
Have you heard the story Peter told?
The tomb is empty. Christ is risen!” (Call to Worship, vol. 52.1)


Our Holy Week began with the celebration of the Triumphal Entry and palms. It continued with the drama of Maundy (Commandment) Thursday, with footwashing and stripping of the church. On Good Friday we remembered the Last Words of Jesus from the cross, and we shrouded the church. Then, on Easter morning, we celebrated with the Flowering of the Cross, beautiful music, and warm fellowship with friends and family. We heard the Good News, a story first told by the women who went to the tomb and found it empty. Christ is risen! He is risen, indeed!


Now we begin the Great Fifty Days of Easter! In the weeks to come the sermons will come from the Book of Acts of the Apostles, focusing on the ways in which the miracle of the Risen Christ inspired his first followers,  culminating with the celebration of the miracle of Pentecost on June 9th. Pentecost means ‘50’ and is the festival that marks the end of the Easter season. The good news is that Easter is not over; it continues for the next fifty days! So keep wearing your Easter clothes, your Easter smile, your Easter joy, and join us for worship!


Your pastor,

Rev. Jack Barden