Apr 25, 2018


     As a session, we received Pastor Laura’s resignation with regret and extend to her and her family our appreciation, our prayers, and our blessings on her and their future journeys.  As a church family we begin the next part of our journey remembering the things that draw us together:

  • our shared faith;
  • our common history as PCLT, a church community that has weathered other challenging chapters;
  • living today in Eastertide, the season of the church year when we focus on things coming into being that we never thought possible;
  • the ministries we have begun that give us the opportunity to be Christ’s heart, hands, and feet in this hurting world; and
  • our shared commitment to continue to be the Presbyterian church in the Lake Travis community.
     We ask for your prayers, encouragement, and support as we strive to discern and honor God’s guidance in the coming months. We will actively seek your input and will listen to your suggestions and concerns.  We commit to an open process.  Be assured Presbytery will be working closely with the Session. We appreciate the opportunity to serve as your session, confident that together we will find a good path to become an even stronger, more faithful, and more welcoming church.