Apr 19, 2018

To the Saints at PCLT,


This is perhaps the most bittersweet letter that I have ever written.


I would like to begin with gratitude. Thank you for allowing me to participate in the gifts and graces of this community. Over the past eight months, I have been loved and cared for, shown great hospitality, and affirmed in my call to ministry in a way that I have not yet experienced. I am grateful that you have opened up to me, and encouraged and welcomed my family and me into your folds. You are truly a community united to be the Body of Christ in Lake Travis.


Although my time with you is winding down, I will take the blessings of you all in my heart for the duration of my tenure as a minister—for you will always contain many of my firsts in ministry. With you all, I have participated in my first funeral, ordination, imposition of the ashes, anointing and foot washing. With you all, I have been able to grow as a preacher and presider. With you all, I have fully understood what it is to be loved as a leader in a congregation of beautiful, funny, kind, and interesting siblings in Christ.


I do not want to end this season in a time of sadness, but I want to rejoice with you all for this formative and loving time that we have held together. I do hope that our paths will cross again, and God be with you until we meet again.


Grace and Peace,