Mar 21, 2018

Dear Friends,

This week is Palm Sunday.  It is the week we remember Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, moving with purpose into what waits for him there. The final stretch of Jesus’ journey is laid out for him.  We know what happens after he enters the city.  Yet, Jesus is no helpless victim, no passive participant.  He allowed these people to do all that they had decided to do.  He was still in charge.  That was clear.  He could have stopped everything. But Jesus does not cease to make his own road as he chooses to walk with courage and clarity.

This week invites us to consider how we are moving though our own journey.  Are we seeking to walk with intention and purpose or are we swept away by circumstances?  How do we meet God in motion? How can we move towards the One who is already making a way towards us?

Let us join together on our journey through Holy Week – from Palm Sunday to Maundy Thursday to Good Friday through Easter Sunday – as we allow the events of the central story of our Christian faith to unfold before us.  The road is calling us. May we walk it together.

With love,